Best security plugins for WordPress

For website owners, the popularity of WordPress has proven to be both a blessing and a curse. Because WordPress is so popular, you can expect frequent updates as well as a steady stream of new plugins and widgets to enhance your website’s functionality. On the other hand, the fact that WordPress is popular makes it a target for hackers. Don’t leave your website vulnerable to hacking attempts — protect it by installing one of these WordPress security plugins.

iThemes Security (Link)

With iThemes Security, securing your WordPress website begins with strengthening user authentication. Even if you use the best possible security practices, it may still be possible to hack your WordPress website simply by guessing your password. iThemes Security prevents this by using your mobile phone for two-factor authentication. iThemes Security also scans your website for malware and obscures common weaknesses in the WordPress framework by changing database prefixes and directory names as well as removing sensitive information from page headers.

All in One WP Security and Firewall (Link)

Like iThemes Security, All in One WP Security and Firewall secures your website by changing database and directory names. However, it goes a little further by searching for individual files and directories that may be insecure due to their permissions. All in One WP Security and Firewall also secures the user authentication process by checking for invalid login attempts. If someone attempts to log in to your website using an incorrect user name or has multiple failed login attempts, the plugin prevents him from accessing your website and, if desired, notifies you via email. With this plugin, you can even ban specific ranges of IP addresses if you do not want to receive visitors from a specific Internet service provider or geographical region.

BulletProof Security (Link)

The back-end database is the core of any WordPress website. This database stores all of your website’s content including its posts and pages, comments and image locations. It is a prime target for hacking and the primary focus of BulletProof Security. BulletProof Security monitors your website’s database in real time, creating backups at intervals you specify. When the plugin detects a change in the database, it automatically monitors for potential malware and other unwanted content. Because BulletProof Security logs every change to your website’s database, you can use it to compare different versions of the database and identify content that you didn’t add. BulletProof Security also secures the user authentication process and is optimized to utilize server resources as efficiently as possible.

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